Planning around COVID 19

Your health and wellness is at the core of what we’re about here at Sólás na Mara.

No more so than during this unprecedented time since the arrival of COVID-19 to our world. We’ve been working together to plan and get ready for the time when it would be safe for us to return to the pier in Helvick, and are delighted that we will now be able to reopen fully on Monday 29th June next.

We are applying the return to work protocols and guidelines to our business in an effort to keep us all safe, and as a result we will ask you to bear with us, and respect each others space and wish to relax and enjoy some time out while they are here.


Some of the steps we are taking right now for everyone’s wellbeing

• Maintain our cleaning standards as we always do. Bleaching each bathroom after each use, fresh towels for each treatment, we will provide individual disposable water bottles for you where you don’t have your own.
• Provide sanitise stations as you arrive into the building, and progress through for treatment
• When we’re in enclosed space, such as a treatment room, we will wear PPE as suitable to the treatment, including a mask.

What you might expect when you come

• We will ask you to arrive in advance of your booking, so as have you ready & relaxed to enjoy your treatment.
• When you arrive, we might ask you to take a seat, or wait a short while as we deal with someone else. We hope that you can enjoy nature’s beautiful surroundings as you do so.
• Your bathroom suite will be exactly as it was before.
• Physical and Beauty therapy will be carried out in line with government guidelines. For these closer treatments, our therapists and practitioners may wear some PPE including a face mask or visor, in line with protocols and for everyone’s protection.
• We hope that you will feel as welcome and relaxed as your normally would when you come here.

What we would ask of you

• Please let us know if you’ve travelled abroad or come into the country in the last 14 days.
• Please do let us know if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. We are happy to postpone your appointment, and change it at no cancellation fee.
• Please follow the current health guidelines in place, including observing social distancing, coughing into elbow or a tissue, and to wash or sanitise your hands as you arrive and progress through the building.
• Please respect others, and keep a safe social distance from them both inside and outside the building.
• If one of our therapists becomes unwell, we will ask them to remain at home to protect us all. We will try to maintain your appointment as our team is flexible and happy to support each other, but ask you to understand if we do have to get in touch and make alternative arrangements.

Thank you for helping us continue to keep your wellbeing and the wellbeing of all of us here as our priority.