Seaweed Baths

An invigorating experience

Healing that starts with the sea

Our Seaweed
The seaweed that grows on the nearby shore is packed full of the nutrients of the sea. A nutrient rich bath helps the body absorb the benefits of seaweed, rich in naturally occurring iodine, calcium, magnesium, vitamins E and F, that leaves your body feeling cleansed, refreshed and energised.

Seaweed bathhouses are a tradition in Ireland, as the wonderfully positive effects on the body have been appreciated for many centuries.

Seaweed bath
An Rinn (Ring) harbour
Exterior of the solas seaweed bathhouse

The Facility

Sólás Na Mara offers luxurious private seawater bathing suites. A seaweed bath is an invigorating experience. At Sólás Na Mara, Heilbhic seaweed bathhouse, we have a new purpose-built, modern facility designed to ensure a relaxing and invigorating experience.

From nature, to you

Our seaweed is collected locally in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It is then thoroughly cleaned by hand and steam treated to ensure the highest standard of hygiene. The seawater is taken into the facility during the high tide, is gently filtered to purify the water, and flows into your bathtub as beautifully warm, fresh seawater.

Each bathing room contains a victorian style cast iron clawfoot tub, a cedar wood steam box, gentle music and candles all creating a relaxing atmosphere. Towels and bottled water are provided to ensure your comfort, and the Sólás Café is waiting for you afterwards, with a barista coffee and beautiful homemade cakes and simple treats.

Conditions that can benefit from seaweed baths:

Skin Conditions Arthritis
Joint & Muscular Conditions Joint Replacement Recovery
Sports Injuries Competition Preparation & Recovery
Poor Circulation Low Thyroid Function
Post-Cancer Recovery Stress

Reserve your seaweed bath

Single Bath & Steam - 1 hour
Private seaweed bathing room
Hot & Cold running Seawater
Refreshing Seawater Shower
Traditional Cedar Wood Steam Box
Bottled Water & Towels
Double Bath & Steam - 1 hour
Double seaweed bathing room
Hot & Cold running seawater
Refreshing Seawater Shower
Traditional Cedar Wood Steam Box
Bottled Water & Towels